The Weaver creates the fabric in accordance with His Will, adorning it with a magnificent array of hues  “G’vanim “ as His heart may prompt. 

It is in precisely these terms that the Kuzari describes God’s constantly unfolding work of Creation. Our own G’vanim  “The Journal of the Academy for Jewish Religion“ similarly makes a modest contribution to God’s work  “and to our understanding of God’s Word“ by weaving together the creative insights and hearfelt perspectives of an array of scholars and authors. The Academy for Jewish Religion intuitively embodies the vision of the Kuzari by understanding that a principled pluralism sensitive to the wide variety of hues reflected in the Jewish Community is indispensable to a full appreciation of God’s Creation and God’s Will.

Volume 1, Number 1, May 2005

Volume 2, Number 1, May 2006

Volume 3, Number 1, May 2007

Volume 4, Number 1, May 2008

Volume 5, Number 1, May 2009

Volume 6, Number 1, May 2010

Volume 7, Number 1, May 2011

Volume 8, Number 1, May 2012

Volume 9, Number 1, May 2014