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D’var Torah on Sitting/Standing for Kaddish
by Jeff Hoffman
This d’var torah was presented to the students at AJR on February 22, 2010
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To a Land that I Will Show You: Training Rabbis for the Future
by David Greenstein
This essay was commissioned by the journal, Teaching Theology & Religion, Published by Blackwell Publishing in Cooperation with the Wabash Center for Teaching Learning in Theology and Religion. It was included in the April 2006 issue. (
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By the Sweat of Your Brow: Approaching Kashrut from a Pluralistic Perspective
by David Greenstein
This essay is posted with permission from the journal Conservative Judaism, where it was first published in the Fall 2003 (56:1) issue.
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What is a M’qom Torah – A Place of Torah?
by David Greenstein
A written version of a presentation given to the student body of AJR outlining a theological foundation for pluralism, February, 2001.
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