AJR's community of learners.

Email is one of the primary methods of communicating within the AJR community. The AJR community hosts several e-mail lists, each with a different function. For the wider AJR community, which includes Administration, Faculty and Alumni who subscribe, there is the AJR-Yahoo list. To subscribe, go to http://www.onelist.com/community/AJR and click on the “join” button. The Gemah list is sent out weekly by Tricia Arlin. To submit information for the list or to subscribe, contact Tricia Arlin. For current students only, there is the Student Association list. Only student-related e-mails should be sent to this list. Examples include questions regarding classes, programs, administration/faculty, and Student Association committees. Questions regarding housing, carpooling and information/resources to help students become better Rabbis/Cantors are also appropriate. To send material for this list, or to subscribe (or withdraw) from this list, contact Susan Elkodsi. It is important to note that the Administration does not have access to this list and, therefore, will not be aware of issues being raised on this list.

When issues arise involving multiple students, or students in general, that require communication with the administration, the Student Association appoints two liaisons, one for cantorial students and one for rabbinical students. While some issues of this type are raised at Student Association meetings, often these issues arise at other times. To bring issues of this type (not a problem involving a specific student) to the attention of the liaisons, contact Brian Kalver, the cantorial liaison or Lizz Goldstein, the rabbinical liaison.

Students may file complaints through formal and informal procedures. No action till be taken against any student filing complaints.
Details in the STUDENT HANDBOOK.