Become a part of the future of Judaism in America.

    • AJR accepts into its Ordination Programs exceptional students, without regard to race, color, sex, gender orientation, or national origin, who commit themselves to the highest ideals of devotion to God, Torah and Israel.


    • AJR was founded in 1956 and is the oldest pluralistic Jewish seminary in the United States.


    • AJR offers two programs leading to Ordination: Rabbinical and Cantorial. As part of each of these, students earn an M.A. degree in Jewish Studies.


    • AJR offers its M.A. degree in Jewish Studies both to its Ordination students and to individuals wishing to earn this graduate degree on its own.


    • AJR currently has 50 students in total, 42 of whom are rabbinical students and 7 are cantorial students (as of Spring 2017).


    • AJR has 23 students enrolled in its Master’s of Jewish Studies program.


    • AJR s students come from states ranging from Missouri to Massachusetts to be a part of our pluralistic community.


    • AJR has ordained 164 rabbis and 35 cantors, for a total of 199 alumni (as of Spring 2017).


    • Faculty/Student ratio of 3:1


    • AJR alumni serve as rabbis, cantors, chaplains, and educators in congregations, Day Schools, synagogue schools, hospitals, the U.S. military, JCC s, Federations, camps, other communal organizations.



  •  AJR’s annual fall Retreat and spring Intensive gatherings offer Ordination students the opportunity to build strong relationships within the AJR community, to meet new classmates, and to focus in depth upon an experience or an area of learning that demands more attention than normal class sessions would allow.   Gesher and M.A. students are warmly invited to join the Retreat and Intensive programs.
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