Rabbinical Course Requirements

The sequence of courses in professional skills will equip rabbis and cantors alike to meet the challenges inherent in every field of the contemporary rabbinate and cantorate. Counseling classes develop the ability to listen and respond carefully, and also to appreciate when an expert therapist should become involved.

Through sequence courses in education and communication, students learn to teach and “preach” in a manner that is responsible to the values of Torah and is also appreciative of the realities of contemporary Jewish life.

Courses in contemporary liturgy and congregational dynamics begin to train our graduates in the process of transformational change. They will be able to help a congregation or agency develop a vision for the future and to begin the process that will actualize this vision.


AJR Rabbinical Course Requirements

Please note: Courses are 2 credits each unless otherwise indicated.

BIBLE (14 credits)
Introduction to Bible
Introduction to Parshanut
Parashat Hashavua
Leadership in the Bible/ Nevi’im Rishonim
Electives (6 credits)

HEBREW (27 credits)
Hebrew I (8 credits)
Hebrew II (8 credits)
Hebrew III (8 credits)
Biblical Hebrew
Hebrew Reading Accuracy (1 credit)

HISTORY (8 credits)
Great Ideas and Debates of Jewish History (4 credits)
American Jewish History, Society, and Culture
Israeli History, Society and Culture

LITURGY (11 credits)
Introduction to Siddur and Machzor (0 credits)
Introduction to Liturgy
Shabbat Liturgy and Tefillah and Seminar (3 credits)
Festival Liturgy and Tefillah and Seminar (3 credits)
Yamim Noraim Liturgy and Tefillah and Seminar (3 credits)

PHILOSOPHY (11 credits)
Medieval Philosophy
Modern Philosophy
Personal Theology
Mysticism Elective
Bio-Ethics (1 credit)

Pastoral Counseling I
Pastoral Counseling II
Homiletics (1 credit)
Education (4 credits)
Life Cycle I
Life Cycle II
Conversion (1 credit)
Chaplaincy (1 credit)
Fieldwork Support Seminar (4 semesters, no credits)
Core Concepts Seminar (4 semesters, 0 credits)
Entrepreneurship and Community Planting (6 credits)
Difficult Conversations (1 credit)

Introduction to Mishna
Introduction to Talmud I
Introduction to Talmud II
Intermediate Talmud I
Intermediate Talmud II
Advanced Talmud (4 credits)
Midrash I
Midrash II
Introduction to Codes (4 credits)
Intermediate Codes
Advanced Codes
Introduction to Responsa
Critical Issues (Halakha)

SPIRITUALITY (6 credits)
Architecture of Ritual
Sacred Arts
Spirituality Elective

ELECTIVES (11 credits)
TOTAL: 140 credits