Cantorial Course Requirements

Course Requirements

The following chart describes the courses and distributions required for cantorial ordination. Certain courses in each subject area are specifically required. Otherwise, there are distribution requirements indicating the number of courses to be completed in each subject. There may be additional requirements regarding the methodologies or approaches that should be represented among the courses within each subject area, as well as the level of study that should be attained within each subject.

NUSAH (29 credits)
Introduction to Modes (1 credit)
Shabbat I (4 credits)
Shabbat II (4 credits)
Yamim Noraim I (4 credits)
Yamim Noraim II (4 credits)
Yamim Noraim III (4 credits)
Shalosh Regalim I (4 credits)
L’Hol and Minor Festivals (4 credits)

CANTILLATION (6 credits)
Introduction to Cantillation (2 credits)
Shalosh Regalim (1 credit)
Esther (1 credit)
Eichah (1 credit)
Yamim Noraim (1 credit)

Friday Evening (2 credits)
Shabbat Morning (2 credits)
Yamim Noraim I (2 credits)
Yamim Noraim II (2 credits)

Choir (8 credits)
Conducting (1 credit)
Introduction to the Cantorate (1 credit)
Music of the Life Cycle (1 credit)
Cantorial Recitative (2 credits)
Diverse Musical Traditions (2 credits)
Music History (2 credits)

Musical Skills I (0 credits)
Musical Skills II (0 credits)
Musical Skills III (2 credits)
Counseling I (2 credits)
Counseling II (2 credits)
Intro. Homiletics (1 credit)
Life Cycle I (2 credits)
Life Cycle II (2 credits)
Hospital Chaplaincy (1 credit)
Bar/Bat Mitzvah (2 credits)
Empowering Community through Singing (Guitar) (2 credits)
Fieldwork Support Seminar (4 semesters, no credit)
Education I (2 credits)
Education Elective (2 credits)
Education Through The Arts (2 credits)

JEWISH STUDIES (52 credits)
Core Concepts – 4 semesters
Hebrew I (8 credits)
Hebrew II (8 credits)
Introduction to Bible (2 credits)
Parashat Hashavua (2 credits)
Personal Theology (2 credits)
Introduction to Liturgy (2 credits)
Shabbat Liturgy (2 credits)
Festival Liturgy (2 credits)
Liturgy of Yamim Noraim (2 credits)
Tefillah and Seminar (4 credits)
Introduction to Halakha (2 credits)
Introduction to Mishnah (2 credits)
Spirituality Elective (2 credits)
Jewish History (4 credits)
Pluralism (2 credits)
Contemporary Denominations (2 credits)

ELECTIVE STUDY (2 credits)

TOTAL: 136 credits

All nusah classes meet twice weekly, with one didactic session, and one ‘lab/coaching’ session to review and hone the application of the material covered. Attendance at both sessions is required.