AJR rabbis and cantors build communities.


As the Jewish world changes and our clergical roles contract, expand, and evolve, cantors often find themselves wishing they had the tools to fulfill all that is being asked of them as spiritual leaders. Some feel the desire to learn more – add text study, Talmud, history, and homiletics. The reasons can be complex, the outcomes wide-ranging, but the one unifying feeling is the sense of wanting to serve in a fulfilling and productive way.

The Academy for Jewish Religion is proud to offer cantors the opportunity to add rabbinic ordination to their already impressive mastery of nusah, tefillah, and all that goes with cantorial ordination or investiture.

Course Requirements

The program requires a minimum of 50 credits. In addition, students are responsible for taking comprehensive exams and for fulfilling the ritual skills testing required of all cantorial students.  Students in this program who have not already completed an M.A. in Jewish Studies or in a Jewish field will also need to complete the AJR M.A. in Jewish Studies, including a thesis, as part of their program.

Course requirements assume significant competency in areas such as Hebrew, Liturgy, and professional skills. Proficiency will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Distance Learning

Students in this program who live at a distance are permitted to take all of their courses through our hybrid Zoom rooms.

Scholarship Opportunity

A special scholarship for students enrolled in the Cantors to Rabbis program discounts the part-time tuition to $955 per credit.  Students considering full-time study should contact the office for more information.