The leader in pluralistic education.

The Academy for Jewish Religion offers two programs leading to ordination as Rav U-moreh/morah B’Yisrael (Rabbi and Teacher in Israel), and Hazzan U-Moreh/Morah B’Yisrael (Hazzan/Cantor and Teacher in Israel). AJR also offers a Master’s Program in Jewish Studies. All of AJR’s programs offer depth, rigor and integrity as they embrace academic scholarship and traditional Jewish study. AJR’s ordination programs also offer ethical training, professional skills and spiritual preparation. The structure of AJR is designed to support students through the years of formation and study, culminating in rabbinic ordination, cantorial ordination or the graduate degree of a Master of Arts in Jewish Studies.

The atmosphere, described by one student as a community of loving learners, is fostered by students, faculty, and administration and revolves around the traditional values of ahavat Torah (love of Torah), ahavat Yisrael (love of the people Israel), kavod laTorah (honor and respect for Torah), and ahavat HaShem (love of God).

The Jewish world is changing rapidly, and with a pluralistic trans-denominational focus, AJR prepares its students for the realities of professional Jewish service and leadership – be it in a congregation, an organization, a chaplaincy, as an educator or administrator.

There may be stages in the process of visioning and transformation that require expert help and consulting; the faculty of AJR is always available to offer guidance to students and graduates and is also available as consultants and visiting teachers to congregations. In partnership with congregational leadership, the Academy and its graduates are active in building vibrant and compelling communities for the future.

For our Ordination Students:

The sequence of courses in professional skills will equip rabbis and cantors alike to meet the challenges inherent in every field of the contemporary rabbinate and cantorate.

Counseling classes develop the ability to listen and respond carefully, and also to appreciate when an expert therapist should become involved. Through sequence courses in education and communication, students learn to teach and “preach” in a manner that is responsible to the values of Torah and is also appreciative of the realities of contemporary Jewish life. Courses in contemporary liturgy and congregational dynamics begin to train our graduates in the process of transformational change. They will be able to help a congregation or agency develop a vision for the future and to begin the process that will actualize this vision.

Retention Rates:

2014 88%
2013 83%
2012 100%
2011 100%
2010 100%
2009 100%
2008 80%
2007 100%
2006 88%
2005 90%
2004 85%
2003 93%
2002 93%
2001 94%
2000 100%