AJR rabbis, cantors and Jewish leaders build communities.

AJR is happy to assist you with your placement needs. Alumni and students of the Academy who are rabbis and cantors are known for the scope of their knowledge and talent. They bring a wealth of life experience and professional skills from former careers or training.

In addition to serving pulpits of all denominations, including those that are unaffiliated, AJR clergy work in chaplaincy, education, older adult communities, youth work, and the college campus. Educated and prepared in AJR’s pluralistic setting, prospective candidates are comfortable and knowledgeable about all liturgical styles and practices.

Our placement office offers personalized service, and partners with you help make the best match.

Call or email Cantor Michael Kasper, Director of Placement,  Recruitment, and Cantorial Studies, at 914.709.0900, ext. 4027 to discuss your needs.

To learn about how our alumni serve the Jewish community, please click here.