AJR’s community of learners.

Students pay tuition according to the following schedule:

Course Points Tuition
1.0 $2,305.00
1.5 $3,457.50
2.0 $4,610.00
2.5 $5,762.50
3.0 $6,915.00
3.5 $8,067.50
4.0 $8,400.00
4.5 $8,400.00
5.0 $8,400.00
5.5 $8,400.00
6.0 $8,675.00
6.5 $8,675.00
7.0 $8,675.00

$2,100 per Course Point over 7 Course Points
$6,300 Mechina Program per semester
$ 900 Coaching (if registered through the school)

Audit rate is one-half of the applicable tuition

$235 Registration
$205 Offsite Registration
$595 Fall Retreat
$245 Spring Intensive
$100 Installment Fee
$115 Late Registration Fee, increasing by $5 per day after July 31 for the fall semester and $5 per day after December 31 the spring semester
$850 Senior Ordination Fee
$200 Fee for Private Study and Transfer Credits
$750 Bulk Transfer Credit Fee
$850 Accelerated Program Fee
$750 Ritual Skills Workshop
$ 30 Returned Check Fee
$155 Examination Fee
$ 95 Incomplete Fee
$325 Advanced Standing Fee
$ 75 Application Fee
$250 Psychological Evaluation Fee
$100 Accompanist for Cantorial Audition. Students are free to bring their own accompanist and, if they do, will not be assessed this fee.

Attendance at the Fall Retreat and Spring Intensive is mandatory for all matriculated students, whether they are taking classes at AJR, studying offsite, or on a leave of absence. Gesher students are encouraged to attend and will be billed accordingly.

With the permission of the Academic Dean, students are permitted to maintain a matriculated status for two consecutive semesters. During this time students are required to pay the offsite registration fee. Attendance at Retreat and Intensive is still required (see above).

A fee is payable for each credit recorded on a student’s transcript to reflect work done independently or through another institution. Upon completion of study, the student submits a completed Transcript Update Request and pays the fee. A student transferring 4 credits or more from the same institution at one time, will pay a maximum of $705. The fee for Transfer Credit or Private Study is for the administration of these arrangements. The student is responsible for all tuition payable to any other institution or individual in connection with Private Study or Transfer Credit. There will be no fee charged to record coursework taken as part of the AJR Masters Track at Gratz College.

This fee covers meeting with the Dean and selected faculty members to outline the requirements for the individual student’s accelerated program.

This fee covers the award of one to four course points of credit based on prior study and demonstrated mastery of curricular areas. Additional credits are subject to further fees.

Matriculated cantorial students are required to receive coaching every semester enrolled as matriculated students. Student who choose to receive coaching privately, must have the credit recorded on their transcript as a Private Study and will be charged the Private Study Fee.

Ritual Skills Workshops are offered to assist students in gaining the skills necessary to pass the yearly ritual skills requirements. Students receive no credit for the workshop. For purposes of Tuition, the Ritual Skills Workshops are counted as 1 course point toward the 7 course points allowed. Students taking less than three courses or more than 7 courses will be charged $750.

Although students receive no credit for Fieldwork Support Seminar it is considered one course point for purposes of Tuition calculation.

Students are required to take four of the six semesters of Core Concepts Seminar. Core Concepts Seminar meets for one-half period weekly during the full semester. Students are not charged for these four seminars and received no credit. After the completion of the four required semesters, a student may choose to take one or two additional seminars for credit. Students will be charged one-half course point tuition for each additional seminar taken.

The Examination Fee is payable if any AJR Examination is retaken more than once or if any Examination is prepared specially for a student, as may be the case in an application for Advanced Standing. The Examination Fee is payable in addition to any fee for Determination of Advanced Standing.

Should you be granted an extension on an Incomplete, a fee will be charged to have that work graded.

Please keep in mind that we prefer payment by check. We do, however, accept all major credit cards for tuition payments. You may also pay your tuition online through PayPal.

Tuition and fees are due on a semester basis and are due within the first week of each semester. If full payment poses a hardship, tuition may be paid in four (4) monthly installments. An Installment Fee of $100 will be charged to any student requesting such a Payment Plan. All installments must be made prior to the 8th day of each month.

Should full payment not be received by Week 2 of the semester, students will automatically be put on a payment plan and charged the Installment Fee. Students will not be able to re-register or be ordained until full payment is received. The penalty for failure to pay in full by the end of the semester is based on the amount of unpaid balance. The penalty will be assessed for every quarter the balance remains unpaid.

If the balance is: The penalty is:
Less than $100 $50
$100 to $500 $100
$501 and up $150

Students who cancel registration prior to the first day of classes are entitled to a refund of 95% of that semester’s tuition; students who withdraw within two weeks after the first day of classes are entitled to a refund of 80% of that semester’s tuition; students who withdraw within four weeks after the first day of classes are entitled to a refund of 60% of that semester’s tuition. No refunds will be made after the first four weeks of classes.

AJR has a limited amount of need-based Financial Aid. Financial Aid Policy

updated June 23, 2011